Episode 31: Emmergent Processing - Not Giving Up On Hope

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Episode 31: Emergent Processing - Not Giving Up On Hope

I invite you to embark on my exploration of hope with me. 

How a personal meditation I won as a prize, which involved an initial conversation, prompted processing in me that took me on a journey of reflection on my life and my relationship with hope. 

In this episode, I delve into the transformative power of meditation and it’s impact on my journey toward finding inner peace and stability. How it became a beacon of hope for me until I realized that my growth, was being hindered and limited by it.

This episode explores how through my processing I uncover my journey of hope from how I had defined it as a lifeline for me to escape where I was at, to becoming something I suppressed, ultimately rejected and gave up on. To embracing it as an internal flame of belief, trust, and self-driven progress. 

My introspection led me to release old conditioning, connect more to my true self, and embrace a new perspective on hope. I discovered what hope truly means to me, its implications in my life and its transformative potential. I came to appreciate hope in a way I have not previously done so.


You will:

  • Share in my journey of meditation which led me to connect with hope
  • Explore how hope is an important process for our growth and evolvement
  • Come to know how, in becoming my true self I rejected hope and made it wrong
  • Hear how I gave up on hope and the impact of that on me
  • Explore how I reconnected to hope in a new and different way
If you are interested in knowing more about WENDY DARLING you will find her at wendydarling.com
I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference to who we are

As humans, hope plays a crucial role in our lives, precisely because we often find ourselves lacking it within ourselves. Our journey towards hope is intertwined with our sense of self-worth and deservedness. It is when we question our own value and worthiness that hope becomes elusive. But there is hope for finding hope again. To explore strategies for cultivating hope within ourselves, I invite you to download your free copy of:

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