Delve into and explore more of who you are and who you are not, and strengthen your connection the TRUE YOU!

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If you experience and feel emotions, then external occurrences, such as behaviors, words, looks, energy, songs, food and more, will be triggers that activate your emotions. They have a hold over you.

Grow your ability to recognize what triggers your emotions and why, so you can work with changing the pattern of how you deal with and express your emotions.

My Deservedness

Your relationship with your self-worth and your lack of self-worth is reflected in what you believe you deserve and do not deserve. What you believe you are worthy of and not worthy of.

The ‘My Deservedness’ video and workbook is an opportunity for you to develop your awareness and connection to your deservedness so you can consciously influence what you believe you are worthy of.

If you feel unimportant, not heard, not seen and not worthy, there are steps you can take to change this

When you consciously grow your self-worth, you create space for you to open up to receiving the wonderful and amazing people, objects, and experiences into your life.

Take the steps to recognize where you can own and expand your self-worth and value.

Self-kindness starts from within. 

There are some amazing steps you can take so that you are kinder to yourself emotionally, mentally, energy-wise, and physically.

And when you are kinder to yourself, others are kinder to you, because they feel, see and hear your kindness.

Do you find yourself worrying about adults? Do you feel responsible for where they are and what is happening to them?

Taking responsibility for adults is not your responsibility to fulfill unless you have both agreed for you to do so.

Explore where you may be taking responsibility for other people and who they are, as this is an opportunity for your growth.

When you self-sabotage, you erode and dilute your self-worth.  You reinforce you are not worthy, that you don’t deserve what is wonderful and instead, that you deserve what is uncomfortable and not honoring of you.

Discover how you can transform your self-sabotaging so you experience the success, joy, and happiness that you do deserve.

When you grow your ability to see you truly are, feel your natural energy flow, hear your truth, and own the true parts of you – you become more of your true self. 

The real, beautiful, and natural to you, stops being invisible and limited in your expression

You not only discover the beauty of who you truly are, but you also give who you truly are, permission to shine.

Control is an engrained and learned way of being. You may not even be aware of some of the ways you experience control in your life. 

Yet control stifles and suppresses you, let alone what you do to others. Being aware of where you control, gives you the ability to change your approach.

Check out the workbook to explore phrases and statements you ay that are controlling and change them.

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