Episode 28: Emergent Processing - Unraveling Patterns Created New Experiences With Mum

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Episode 28: Emergent Processing - Unraveling Patterns Created New Experiences With Mum

For decades one of the most powerful patterns of conditioned approaches I have had with my mum is the responsibility I took on board for her emotional and physical well-being.

My need to be over responsible has governed my interactions, my decision-making, and my relationship with my mum since a very young age. The result is, I have been serious in my relationship with her, the problem solver and protector.

It was late last year when an experience I had gave me the insight I needed to take action in this area. I wanted to give focus to really working on letting go of my over-responsible ways. My commitment was to taking new and different approaches. The key to making this happen was for me to stay open to recognizing all of the opportunities I had in my relationship with my mum, to do things differently. 

What I came to see, was that I had not allowed myself to be a daughter to my mum. I had been the parent or protector. Our relationship had been one of seriousness and practicality, rather than fun, laughter, and filled with an abundance of happiness.

So I took action and the amazing new experiences that were created were beautiful.

In this episode, I share that journey with you, or at least the beginning of it and what unfolded in one day, so that you too might gain some gems from my process, that will support you to:

  • Let go of the responsibility you hold for others
  • Change patterns of conditioned and emotional processing that are preventing you from experiencing what you truly deserve
  • Embrace that every new experience does not need to be profound in what is done, it is in how it is received, experienced, and shared
  • Can get to experience with the people you have taken responsibility for, the relationship you deserve to have with them

Whilst I was changing some patterns, I would change the podcast cover and the format here.

I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference in who we are

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