True Self Coaching

True Self Coaching

For individuals who want to be their true self, are on a healing journey and who love exploring and discovering more of who they truly are.

I am Melinda Cates and I am totally and utterly passionate about walking beside individuals to reconnect to and be their true self.

You will be supported to explore the known, unknown, uncomfortable and joyful aspects of yourself, knowing you have someone who has journeyed the adventure, walking with you. 

You will be guided to find the strength, trust and belief in yourself to face your truth, reconnect to your true self and to create the space for your soul to be free to shine.

For individuals who want to grow their ability to walk their adventure home to their true self on their own, with confidence and trust
For individuals that want to be able to accept the uncomfortable aspects of themselves so that they dilute and release the discomfort and are able to recognize and embrace the beauty of their true self.

The journey to your true self is not for everyone, and in the coaching you will explore the deeper and broader parts of yourself, at the rate that is right and natural to you. The courage you will find and connect to within yourself, and the insight, understanding, tools and approaches you will be provided to heal your hurt and unravel what limits you, will enable you to reclaim what is true for and to you – you will be more of the true you.

You will discover more about who you truly are, embrace and grow the expression of the amazing qualities that are you, so that you release the potential that is within you. The potential in who you are, what you do and your relationships.

This is a healing journey, an unraveling process and a magical and precious adventure, one that will enable you to see, feel, hear and experience yourself and life with different eyes, ears and senses.

Gain clarity on where you are at – consult 

Gain insights and know how to work through overwhelm, confusion, lack of clarity and emotional processing, you experience and why so you can discover more of who you are and why in the process. I would love to explore with you, so book your consult and lets explore.


Years of working through the self-talk that made me feel nutty some days, understanding and releasing the hold my emotions had on me, and diluting the lack of with regards to my self-worth and believing I did not deserve to be who I truly was, let alone connecting to that part of me, has been an adventure. But I did discover and reconnect to me, my true self and boy has the journey meant I know peoples processing and human processes.

Sometimes we need someone to guide and illuminate the parts of us that we can not see or do not know how to deal with when we are are going through and experiencing things. We are not shown how to, rather we are conditioned to suppress and protect instead. We disconnect from our truth and who we truly are in the process, so it is a journey to get back to our natural self.  

I know you can not only get through, but gain the maximum benefits from everything you experience in your life, no matter how painful or joyful they are. I know you can be you and know the value and worth of who you are, express the beauty and uniqueness of you and that you can make a difference you, your relationships and your world. 

I totally believe in and know you have the ability to heal and to remember, reconnect to and be your true self.

Melinda Cates