Episode 30: Being Inspired By Yourself

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Episode 30: Being Inspired By Yourself
Being inspired by yourself, is a natural and powerful process. Where you are fascinated and curious about who you are, the inspiration and potential you have within you, and the inspiration you will discover and express from you. Yet you may look to other people, objects, and environments for inspiration. You can experience bursts of inspiration instead of a flow. When you are inspired, the energy you experience is vibrant and can even be overwhelming. Why? Why do you experience all of these processes? The answer is in where you are at in your growth and connection to yourself, the true you.
In this episode I explore:
  • The process of inspiration
  • What inspiration is
  • Why do you experience flashes of inspiration
  • Why you may look to external things for inspiration
  • Your true inspiration and being inspired by yourself
  • Some key questions to support you to explore your inspiration
There are questions at the end of the episode to encourage your exploration of your self-inspiration, so you grow your awareness and understanding of your process of inspiration, and or DOWNLOAD your free copy of  the SELF INSPIRATION  WORKBOOK

I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference in who we are

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