The Truth About Boundaries
Emotional Healing

The Truth About Boundaries

WHAT IS THE TRUTH ABOUT BOUNDARIES? One of the truths, is: the boundaries you create ARE FOR YOU, not for the other person. Boundaries are guidelines for management of our own insecurities, our well-being and comfort, rather than as restrictions imposed on others. WHY DO WE NEED TO HAVE BOUNDARIES? Boundaries are invisible lines, that

The Underestimated Power Of Neediness Photo
Emotional Healing

The Underestimated Power Of Neediness

Have you been told “You’re Needy”? If you have, what was your reaction to it? A gut punch, a squirm, anger, or even a shout of denial “No I’m not”? THIS IS THE UNDERESTIMATED POWER OF NEEDINESS It has a lot of power over you, because it generally is perceived as a weakness or dependency,

What differentiates your human self and soul self
Human Self

What Differentiates Your Human Self From Your Soul Self

THE QUESTION I am sure during your life, you have asked the question and pondered on “who am I?”, “who is the true me?” This was a question I asked myself when I was sixteen. One I asked out of desperation to not feel what I felt and be who I had become. In fact

5 Patterns Of Conditioned Interaction For Unraveling

Relationship Patterns Of Interaction For Unraveling

Patterns of conditioned interaction in your relationships, come from what you have learned and become familiar with, as to what is acceptable and not acceptable. However, they do not necessarily make them right.  In this blog, I cover five (and there are plenty more of these) patterns of interaction that I have experienced in my

Hate, Hurt And Healing

Hate, Hurt and Healing

The painful ache of the hurt, the helplessness of the powerlessness immersed in the desperateness, overwhelm and power of hate… The Complex Journey Of Understanding, And Navigating Hate, Hurt And Healing  I will never forget the day the deep hurt and pain I felt that had been seething in me for years, boiled over into

Self Kindness

Self-Kindness – Reconnecting to the Naturally Kind You

  Kindness is one of the most beautiful human qualities you have. It is delicate, respectful, considerate, attentive, gentle and nurturing in its expression. Yet it can be elusive in your treatment of yourself, your interaction with others, how you treat and approach animals and objects and in what you receive from others. Life, impacting

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