Your Value Identity

Your Value Identity Is Not Your True Value

If someone were to ask, “What’s your value?” how would you respond?  Many of us pause and start talking about our jobs, contributions, and achievements. What people have said about us, and the value they have gained from us.   But what we’re describing isn’t our true value; it’s the external value we bring. Understanding


Seeing Your Worth Through Others Eyes

Do you struggle to recognize your worth and value, in what you do and more importantly in who you are? Do you experience feelings of unworthiness, and not being of value even though deep down inside you know otherwise? This struggle to acknowledge your worth and value stems from how your worth and value were

The Truth About Boundaries
Emotional Healing

The Truth About Boundaries

TRUTHS ABOUT BOUNDARIES… One of the truths, is: the boundaries you create ARE FOR YOU, not for the other person. Boundaries are guidelines for management of our own insecurities, our well-being and comfort, rather than as restrictions imposed on others. WHY DO WE NEED TO HAVE BOUNDARIES? Boundaries are invisible lines, that define the space

The Underestimated Power Of Neediness Photo
Emotional Healing

The Underestimated Power Of Neediness

Have you been told “You’re Needy”? If you have, what was your reaction to it? A gut punch, a squirm, anger, or even a shout of denial “No I’m not”? THIS IS THE UNDERESTIMATED POWER OF NEEDINESS It has a lot of power over you, because it generally is perceived as a weakness or dependency,

What differentiates your human self and soul self
Human Self

What Differentiates Your Human Self From Your Soul Self

THE Question! Who am I? Who’s the true me? I’m sure over your lifetime, you’ve asked these questions many times. They were questions I asked myself when I was sixteen. I asked, out of desperation to not feel what I felt and be who I had become. This question became my purpose in life –

5 Patterns Of Conditioned Interaction For Unraveling

Relationship Patterns Of Interaction For Unraveling

Relationship patterns are some of the most engrained and emotional processes to navigate let alone unravel. Yet when you unravel them, you create the space for deeper connections, more meaningful and real interactions. UNDERSTANDING CONDITIONED PATTERNS OR INTERACTION Patterns of conditioned interaction in your relationships stem from learned behaviors—what you’ve come to understand as acceptable

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