Episode 4: What Differentiates My Human Self From My Soul Self

IMAD Episode 4 What Differentiates My Human Self From My Soul Self
I Make a Difference
Episode 4: What Differentiates My Human Self From My Soul Self

Your human self is unique. Unique in the features that make you human, and the processing that you experience with each of these features.

Your soul self does not have these features, which is why the human experience and journey are very different and powerful. One that offers so many opportunities to work with each of these features, to achieve a place of purity in your processing and expression. A place where your soul is fully expressed in human form.

The first step is recognizing them, understanding them, and being able to distinguish the difference between your pure form and your conditioned state.

As you heal, unravel and uncover your true self – your soul self, the more each of these features will become pure in their processing. And the more you evolve from human consciousness to soul consciousness.


We explore:

  • That there is a difference in the level of soul consciousness that you have when entering the human body.
  • The unique features and processes of the human self
  • The different processing attached to each of these human self features.
  • How it is important for you to grow your awareness of these features, and your ability to work with them, for your evolvement.
I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference to who we are

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