Episode 29: Processing Reflections With Minz And Barb - Welcome Barb

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Episode 29: Processing Reflections With Minz And Barb - Welcome Barb

I am so excited to introduce you to ‘Processing Reflections With Minz And Barb’ and to one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, someone so dear and precious to me – Barbara Binns.

Barb, as she is called by many people, is someone whom I have journeyed with for many years. We share the love of I Make a Difference, personal growth, and catching up to share and explore our processing together.

Barb mentioned to me at the end of last year that her daughter had said to her “you and Minz should do a podcast together”. These were the spoken words of what I had already been processing and pondering, so action was taken.

‘Processing Reflections With Minz And Barb’ will now be a regular feature of the I Make a Difference podcast. How regular? Good question. We are going to trust the process and see what unfolds. 

Barb and I are going to have our catch-ups and explore and share processing about different aspects of our personal growth, the processes we explore, and the processing we experience.

In this episode, I wanted to ensure that you got to meet and know Barb and a snapshot of how we came to connect and be friends.

If you are wondering who Minz is – that is me (Melinda) it is a nickname I have been called for many decades and it also stands for Made In New Zealand.

You might want to check out the new I Make a Difference Youtube Channel and the video version of this episode which is in the playlist Processing Reflections With Minz And Barb

WE look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference together.

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