Your Internal Purpose

What if your purpose is not what you do, but about who you are?

When you have an internal purpose focused on who and how you want to be internally, then whatever you do on the outside of you is an expression of that purpose and is powerful.



How many blogs do you come across on how to live your purpose?

How many YouTube or Facebook videos do you see about steps to finding your purpose?

And where is the focus of most of them, on what you want to do – externally.

What if your purpose is not what you do on the outside of you, what if it is about what you do on the inside with you?

What do you want to internally achieve with you?

It is said many times “our outside world is a reflection of our inside world” – so what if you focus your purpose on what you want to discover, do, achieve, find and be, within you?

What if your purpose is not about what you do in your life, what if it is about who you are?

What if everything you do externally is an opportunity to fulfil your purpose internally?


Since I was eighteen my total purpose in life has been to be me – the real Melinda.

Not the conditioned, reactive, emotional and multi-persona me, but who I truly am.

So everything I have done and experienced in life has been an opportunity for me to heal, unravel, discover and reconnect with me. The more I have journeyed this the more I have listened to and trusted my knowing, my truth and what is right for me. The more I have become me.


In focusing on my internal purpose, then everything I do every moment of the day is a reflection of my internal purpose .

The people I meet, the interactions I have, the work I focus on, are all moments and experiences for me to:

  1. Identify further areas for healing and developing of me. From the emotional reactions I may have, the energy I experience, the conditioned thought processes I think and any processing from my past that surfaces.
  2. Discover more about who I am and what is right for me and not right for me.
  3. Express more of the amazing qualities that lie at the core of me, and grow my awareness of them within me and in how I express and share them.
  4. Receive the love, the valuing, friendship and caring that I deserve and growing my experience and expression of my self-worth.
  5. Receive indirect and direct feedback about different aspects of me that I have not seen before, and to see them through others eyes, which provides further insight into me.

The truer I become to who I am, the more purity of sharing in acceptance, understanding, caring, respect and love happens with the people I meet and is a two-way process, no matter what the focus of the tasks or profession I do.


You may be processing that this is selfish and what about others?

Many years ago I had a lady say to me “I thought I would be living my purpose by now”. I asked her what she believed her purpose was. Her answer was “that I would be out there in the world helping others”.

This conversation became imprinted on my mind. She was in a state of turmoil internally with herself and her family life was in disarray. I remember thinking to myself “how can people help others if they can’t help themselves first?”

I got to experience and see that when people have healing and areas for growth within them, and they are not dealing with these, and they believe they are helping others out, there can be a level of denial operating in them.

They believe their actions are for the benefit of the other person or people.

Yes, the other people may benefit to a point. However, the person is doing what they are doing, firstly for their own benefit and will be subconsciously driven by their need to be of value rather than what is of value for the other person. They will be protecting themselves internally from what they are feeling and thinking by focusing on and believing what they are doing is right for other people. So they will not be as receptive to what others want and what their process may be.

They focus on others and where they are at, so they don’t have to focus on themselves.

Selfishness, from what I have experienced, is where you are running away from yourself internally. You don’t want to address what you are feeling and thinking. You focus on what you are doing externally, while avoiding and protecting yourself from you internally. 

If a person focuses on their internal purpose and what they want to achieve with themselves, then whatever they do and whoever they are with, they will learn about themselves. They are open and receptive to what others want and need. And they work with their own process and the process of other people. They are not scared of emotional processing surfacing in them as they embrace this as part of their internal purpose.


I have a friend who’s purpose is to ‘BE’.

Be herself, be in the moment, just be. When she walks into a shop, people embrace her and love her being there. They love her energy, they gain insight into themselves. They feel the acceptance and love that comes from her, which enables them to connect to this within themselves. Often she does not say very much because she is just being. She listens while others share with her and they even answer their own questions. They feel better for the experience because in being with my friend, they give themselves permission to just be.

A young lady I have been walking beside was experiencing a bit emotionally. After our initial discussion, I asked her “what do you want to achieve with you internally?” Her response was “to be honest with me”.

Over the last couple of months she has focused on this purpose for her and she has grown hugely. She is seeing things for what they are rather than what she would have them be. In being honest with herself, she is accepting her emotions and processing and is speaking her honesty when it is right for her. People are sharing more honesty back with her and valuing what she is sharing and valuing her. She is focused on her growth and not looking for anything in return. And she is not trying to make things happen, or blocking things from happening. She has created the space for others to share their honesty with her and now she is receiving. 

The ripple effect of her honesty with herself, on others is naturally happening.


Focusing on your internal purpose and being true to that, is far more powerful than focusing on an external purpose.

You set an example of what is possible and you create a space of permission and inspiration for others. Why? Because you are not focused on trying to achieve anything with them. You are focused on achieving it with you, on doing the right thing for you and by you.

For me, through healing, discovering and being more true to me, I have trusted my knowing in what I am to do externally and in doing so I don’t live my passion, it goes beyond that, I live by my truth and what is right for me.

So in focusing on your internal purpose, you can benefit others in ways that you could not have imagined.

Having an internal purpose enables you to make a difference to yourself, which makes a difference to everyone and everything in your life.

  • What is your internal purpose with you?
  • What do you want to achieve internally with you?

You are welcome to share your thoughts and processing with me.

4 thoughts on “Your Internal Purpose”

  1. I truly loved this. As people we can get so caught up in trying to be something to others, that when we become lost, we look outside for answers. We forget who we are to ourselves, we stop listening to ourselves. I understand now, how to be myself, and by honouring me, helps others. Until I do this consciously and with purpose, I’ll not truly live a life I want..
    Thank you Melinda xo

  2. I know this is an old post, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I tried to believe that my purpose was to “help others find clarity and direction” but it seems to me that as I keep thinking about it, I have a more internal purpose. On that, I can’t primarily give to others, which is to gather new experiences and perceptions of life. But I trust my intuition, I have faith it will bring me to my fullest potential.

    1. Logan thank you for sharing your processing and thoughts. The more you find clarity and direction within you, which is about hearing and trusting your intuition, discovering and uncovering more of who you truly are internally, which then uncovers the potential that is within you, this then is reflected in your interactions and what you do externally. I knew I could not make a difference in mine or anyone elses outside world until I was making a difference to my inside world. Now it is a matter of walking beside people so they find their clarity and direction. Love your processing and what you are exploring. Thank you.

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