What Differentiates Your Human Self From Your Soul Self


I am sure during your life, you have asked the question and pondered on “who am I?”, “who is the true me?”

This was a question I asked myself when I was sixteen. One I asked out of desperation to not feel what I felt and be who I had become. In fact this question became my purpose in life – to discover Melinda, the true, natural and pure me. And what an adventure it has been.

Now I know


And what I have come to see, experience and know is that who I had become was my human self and who I truly was – my true self – was my soul self.

What was most fascinating was the fact that I had taken who I was as a human being for granted, in that I believed that all the things that made us human were who we truly are. But they are not.

You will already be aware of elements of what I am about to share. However, why I want to reinforce what you know and hopefully add to your awareness and insight, is that being able to distinguish the unique features that your human and soul self have, helps you to know the difference between your pure form and your conditioned state.

The importance of knowing this, is so that you know that all the turmoil, confusion, emotion and overwhelm you experience, is part of your human experience, and not what is natural to you.

You Are Born With Soul Amnesia

When you take on human form and begin your journey and adventure in human form you experience a form of soul amnesia.

And what this means is that you have no conscious memory of your previous lives. You have no consciousness of what it is like being a soul or being your soul self. 

You don’t have consciousness around your connection to your soul, but you do express your soul and you express it in the qualities and the attributes that are natural to you. You express your soul in the truth that you speak. You express your soul in the goodness and the purity of who you are.

There are some individuals who, through the evolvement of human kind, they have put their hand up to come onto this earth with soul consciousness. And those individuals have been termed the ‘Indigo Children’ based on the color of their aura as well as the ‘Rainbow’ and the ‘Crystal Children’. 

These individuals came into human form with an awareness and consciousness of who their soul self is and what their past lives are. 

They came in with clairvoyant, clairaudient and or clairsentient ability. And they arrived with the conscious ability to know what was happening for individuals from a human perspective in their emotions, as well as what was going on for them physically. They came in with healing abilities that are natural to our soul self. As well as they arrived with a very strong knowing.

They experienced a degree of not fitting in into this human world. Or maybe it was the other humans who did not fit. 

Their role was and is to help individuals’ human selves and mankind to evolve. For all of us to be able to develop our soul consciousness. 

So for some of you, you will have brought that consciousness into the human processes that I’m about to explore that differentiates a human self from your soul self. Where you are conscious and aware of your soul self and that you are here to evolve so that you can soul express fully in human form.

THE INTELLECT – Unique To Your Human Self

The first area that is unique to being human is that intellect. 

Your intellect is a place of processing where you analyze things, rationalize things and need to look for evidence, for something to be real and accepted. There needs to be a reason for things and it needs to be based in fact. It is where you conceptualize things, where you work through things step-by-step methodically. It is where you process what is required in order for certain things to happen and where you like to find answers to things. 

Your intellect processing is very valuable for your human life because it’s the science, the engineering, the mathematics for how the human world operates. It enables you to put together logical sequences of things so that you can take creative ideas and inspiration and turn them into something practical. Where you are able to justify and explain things so that your human self, is able to accept them. 

YOUR KNOWING – Unique To Your Soul Self

Person on the beachAs your soul self – you don’t need the intellect, as you just know things. 

Your soul does not need evidence to know something, to trust and believe in something. In fact trust is not even a concept for the soul, because you know.

Your soul is connected to all consciousness and only knows truth.


Your human self has other areas of processing besides your intellect. And these other areas, can distort and raise doubt as to what you see, hear, feel and experience. 

Your intellect looks for the truth and to see things in black and white, to try and dilute and combat the other areas of processing.

I must say the intellect is very valuable for human evolvement, even if it can get in the way of your soul self knowing and other human processing. 

The intellect brings to life the development of machinery, devices, vaccines, building a house, electrical work and  your plumbing. As your human self, these are a part of your human experience. 

Your intellect can also be a suppressor and a protector. Suppressing other human processes and your soul self. Especially as there is no logic to your soul self…… and it is certainly not black and white. And trying to explain it in human terms, it is an interesting process.

EMOTIONS – Unique To Your Human Self

The next area that is unique to your human self, is your emotions. 

Emotions are not part of your soul self. Instead your soul self has natural ‘states of being’ such as love and acceptance. They are pure processes that are whole and constant. There are no highs and lows, no lack of. There is only a state of unconditional acceptance and connection.

Where as love in human form, goes from highs to lows to highs again. And lows again. 

In your natural soul state, which you express when you take on human form, you naturally share and receive love. It is a mutual exchange of unconditional acceptance in energy between two souls. 

In human form, the moment you do not experience that natural exchange of energy because it is not received or accepted, or it is made wrong or judged, there is a change in the process. The natural response you experience in soul form is now different, and there is a distortion in the energy exchange.

This distortion results in a ‘lack of’. You do not experience what you naturally deserve. 

The reason the other human would do this, is because they are feeling emotion. And your human body connects to that emotion, through feeling physiological reactions to the energy you are picking up on. One you are not soul familiar with, but your human processes and processing will recognize it. And with physiological reactions, comes emotions. 

The impact on you is that you experience hurt. Human hurt, because the soul exchange has now changed. 

The soul recognizes the change, but is accepting of the change. It is the human self that does not reconcile this process, so emotions surface. 

Man Looking Down

And your emotional processing begins to happen. And the lows you experience are attached to the ‘lack of’ that you go through. The non acceptance of who you truly are – your soul self. And you feel the lows of feeling unloved as a result of the lack of it that you experience. And then when you do receive it, you go to the extreme highs.

As you evolve and heal your emotional hurt and your ‘lack of’ the lows and the highs diminish. As you heal and fill the lows and ‘lack of’. So there is no need for the highs to occur. 


What starts happening is the emotions dilute and they become natural states of being. 

An example of this – Why is it that we only experience bursts of passion?

Example – The Process Of Passion

When you feel passionate about what you are doing you feel a burst of energy. An absolute love of what you are focused on and involved in. 

For you to feel that at that point in time means the rest of the time when you are not feeling passionate, you are not doing what you love. You are not doing what you know is right for you. You have suppressed doing right by yourself and doing the right thing for you.

Then when you do find moments or days or periods of time where you are doing what is right for you, then your energy unlocks and starts flowing within you. This is the natural energy, creativity, and ability you have within you that is flowing. 

Why? You are doing what is right by you. 

When you heal, unravel and evolve, part of the process, is that you grow your awareness and ability to do what is right by you, more and more every moment of your life. You cease being passionate and just do what is right by you. 

SENSING – Unique To Your Human Self

The next area that differentiates your human self from your soul self is your sensing. 

Your sensing is a tool and a process that your human form uses to be able to tangibly pick up on what is going on around you. To pick up on what’s happening in your environment and to other people.

But most importantly, it is used to pick up on human processing. 

Your soul doesn’t need your sensing process because your soul is connected to everything. So it just knows. But for human beings to just know, we have not quite reached that level of evolvement in the human race, for that to be accepted. It is what we are working towards – reconnecting to, and building that trust of our knowing.

As a child you would have been connected to your soul’s knowing. But you learned not to trust it. 

So your sensing allows you to do what your knowing does in terms of knowing things, through the process of picking up the energy, coming off other people, and what’s going on for them. 

It is a humanly acceptable process, that makes logical sense (keep the intellect happy) where you can sense how another person is feeling. And you can even pick up the physiological sensations of a person’s emotions.

You can sense a persons intentions, and where they’re actually coming from in relation to what they’re saying and doing. As well as you can pick up on people’s thoughts. You can pick up on their physical state where they may be feeling pain, what the energy of their physical bodies is like and whether they are tired.

However, your sensing can be conditioned by your human self and human processing. Your sensing can change from being pure and gaining insight into what’s going on for other people around you, to being distorted. 

What you sense provides you with information about the other person, so you are aware and can make choices that support you in how you interact or approach or deal with what you’ve sensed. If you are operating from an emotional state, then your intention for sensing will be out of fear and vulnerability. So what you sense will be pure, but how you see, feel, hear and interpret it can be distorted and changed, by your emotional processing. You will read into what you sense, be selective about it and even misinterpret it. 


Physiological responses are how your human body reacts to a ‘lack of’ exchange of energy, the non-acceptance you go through and the recalling of these experiences and the impacts that they had on you – emotionally.

Physiological responses can be shortness of breath, increased heartbeat rate, sweating, butterflies in the stomach, palpitations, tingling and change in temperature. Physiological responses are indicators that something else is going on for you – emotionally and mentally, energy wise and even physically – so listen to them.

Your physiological responses are aligned to your emotions. They are brilliant indicator that you have an area to look at and work with for healing – emotionally. 

PHYSICAL BODY – Unique To Your Human Self

Then the most obvious area that differentiates your human self from your soul self, your physical body.

Without your physical body, you are not on this earth. 

The purpose of your human experience is to evolve (through unraveling conditioning, healing emotion, reclaiming the connection to your soul self) so that you are able to soul express (be your soul self) in a  human body.

Please look after your body. 

It is so valuable and important to what you experience, how you experience it and to your evolvement.  Your physical body is a beautiful message provider of areas for you to grow, to heal, to unravel and to uncover. And the more you can listen to and work with your body, the more you help it heal, help it regenerate and so it can support and help you on your journey of the human experience.

ENERGY – Unique To Your Human Self

Your energy, another distinct feature of your human self. 

This is the energy attached to your emotions, your physical body, to your intellectual processing and your sensing. 

When you are soul conscious and being your natural and true self, your energy in all of these human features,  flows fluidly and naturally. Due to your conditioning, to the hurt and ‘lack of’ you experience, you learn to block your energy. You learn to hold your energy, to suppress it, to give it away and to allow it to be drained. 

Your energy is only for you, – your human self. The more you cease controlling and suppressing it, the more it will flow naturally.


As you grow your awareness of all the areas of your human self, become familiar and friends with them, get to know them, grow your acceptance and love of them, the more you will be able to work with them and they with you. 

You will feel, hear and see the messages each area sends you. Whether it is to unravel thoughts, beliefs, emotional reactions or the conditioning you have in how you express yourself verbally and physically. The more you will be able to heal any mental anguish, and emotions, change the process of how you manage your sensory process, heal your physical body, your energy and your physiological responses.

And with this – the more you’re going to be able to connect to and strengthen the connection with your soul self, and all the beautiful aspects of who you truly are.

You clear the pathway to your soul. And the more you work with all of your human processes, the more you open up the pathway to your soul consciousness. 

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