What Differentiates Your Human Self From Your Soul Self

THE Question!

Who am I?

Who’s the true me?

I’m sure over your lifetime, you’ve asked these questions many times.

They were questions I asked myself when I was sixteen. I asked, out of desperation to not feel what I felt and be who I had become.

This question became my purpose in life – to discover Melinda, the true, natural and pure me. And what an adventure it has been.

This question became my purpose in life – to discover Melinda, the true, natural and pure me

And what an adventure it has been.

Now I Know

What I came to discover, experience and know is that who I had become was my Human Self and who I truly am – my True Self, was my Soul Self. What fascinated me the most was realizing I had taken being a human being for granted. I believed that all the elements, processes, and traits defining our humanity were the entirety of who we truly are. But they’re not!

You possibly already are aware of elements of what I’m about to share.

However, I want to reinforce what you already know and hopefully expand your awareness and insight. This is to help you distinguish the unique features of your human and soul selves, enabling you to recognize the difference between your pure form and your conditioned state.


The importance of knowing this is so you know that all the turmoil, confusion, emotion and overwhelm you experience, is part of your human experience, and not what is natural to you.

You Are Born With Soul Amnesia

When you’re born into a human body, and embark on your human adventure, you are born with a form of soul amnesia.

This is where you have no conscious memory of your previous lives. YOu have not consciousness of what it’s like being a soul, being your soul self.

That is the case for the majority of human beings.

You may not be conscious of your connection to your soul, yet you do express your soul through the natural qualities and attributes that are natural to you.

You express your soul in the truths you speak and in the goodness and purity that is the essence of you.

Throughout the evolution of humankind, some individuals have chosen to come to Earth with soul consciousness. These people are often referred to as ‘Indigo Children,’ ‘Rainbow Children,’ and ‘Crystal Children,’ terms reflecting the colors of their auras and their unique spiritual qualities.

These individuals arrived with a clear awareness of their soul selves and knowledge of their past lives. They arrived with innate abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Additionally, they have a natural capacity to know the emotional and physical states of others, as well as with healing abilities natural to the soul and a very strong KNOWING.

Often, these individuals felt a sense of misalignment with the human world, experiencing difficulties in fitting in. Sometimes, it might seem as if it’s not they who don’t fit, but rather the others around them.

Their role, is to assist in the spiritual and evolutionary growth of others. They help society progress towards greater soul consciousness, encouraging each person to become fully expressive of their soul essence while in human form.

For some of you, this might resonate deeply as you recognize these traits and purposes within yourselves. As we explore further, we will differentiate between the human self and the soul self, where your conscious awareness of your soul influences your journey and your purpose here on Earth.

We are here to experience, evolve and fully express our soul in human form.

The Processes Unique To Your Human Self


Your intellect is one of the unique processes of the human form.

IntellectIt is the place of processing where you analyze and rationalize things as well as look for evidence to prove something before you accept it is real and can accept it.

Your intellect believes there is a reason for everything, it is logical and is based on fact.

This is the space where you conceptualize things, work through things methodically and where you process the steps of how things are meant to unfold.

Your intellectual processes are invaluable to your human life, serving as the foundation in fields like science, engineering, and mathematics, which dictate how the human world operates. This cognitive capacity enables you to construct logical sequences, transforming creative ideas and inspirations into practical, tangible outcomes. It allows you to justify and explain concepts in ways that make them acceptable and understandable to your human self.

The Nature of Emotions And Your Soul Self

Emotions are a natural part of your human self and aren’t inherent to your soul self.

The soul exists in natural states of being like love and acceptance, which are complete and constant. Unlike human emotions that fluctuate between highs and lows, these soul states are characterized by unconditional acceptance and connection.

Human Experience Of Love

In human form, love experiences peaks and troughs. However, in your pure soul state, which is expressed even while in human form, there is a mutual and continuous exchange of unconditional love and energy between souls.

Distortion Of Energy In Human Form

The moment you don’t experience the natural exchange of love and energy, and it’s disrupted—whether not reciprocated, rejected, judged, or misconstrued—it alters this process. Such disruptions cause distortions in the energy exchange, resulting in a perceived ‘lack,’ or absence, of what you naturally deserve.

Emotional Responses And Physical Sensations

The disruption of this process comes from the other human being experiencing emotions. which your human body senses and connects to their emotion, through feeling physiological reactions in response to the energy you are picking up on. this is unfamiliar to your soul, but your human processes and processing recognize it. These physiological reactions come with human emotions. 

Impacts From The Distortion In Exchange
The impact on you is that you experience hurt. Human hurt, because your soul exchange has now changed. Your soul recognizes the change, and is accepting of it. Your human self struggles to reconcile this process, and emotions surface and your emotional processing journey begins. Man Looking Down The emotional lows you experience are often attached to a ‘lack of’ and a non-acceptance of your true essence—your soul self. This sense of unfulfilled need can contribute to feelings of being unloved, plunging you into emotional lows. When love is eventually received, the reaction can swing to extreme highs. However, as you evolve and heal from this emotional hurt and perceived ‘lack of’, the intensity of these lows and highs begins to diminish. By healing these feelings of ‘lack,’ there becomes less of a need for such highs.
Over time, as you continue to heal, these extremes start to stabilize. The peaks and valleys of emotional experience dilute into more balanced, natural states of being.

Example The Process Of Passion

Why is it that we only experience bursts of passion?

When you feel passionate about what you’re doing you feel a burst of energy.

There is an absolute love of what you’re focused on and involved in. 

This passion indicates that, at that moment, you are aligned with what truly resonates with you. The rest of the time , when you lack that feeling of passion, it suggests that you are not doing what you love or what feels inherently right, implying that you might have suppressed your true desires and what you know is right for you.

When you do experience moments, days or periods where you’re doing what is right for you, your energy is unlocked and starts flowing freely within you. This is the natural energy, creativity, and ability you have within you that is flowing. 

Why does this happen? It’s because you are doing what is right by you.

As you continue to heal, unravel, and evolve, part of this process involves growing in awareness and consistently choosing to do what is right for yourself. Eventually, this becomes a regular aspect of your life, transitioning from moments of intense passion to a continuous state of doing what is right for you, aligned action, aligned with your true self, your soul self.

Sensing Is A Human Process

Sensing is a tool and process utilized by the human self to tangibly pick up aspects of the environment and interactions with others. 

This capability primarily is to help you understand the people around you and their human processes and reactions. 

In the human context, sensing is necessary to gather information from our surroundings—whether it’s picking up on what’s happening with other people, discerning intentions, or even detecting physical states like pain or fatigue. Sensing is required to justify what you innately know, providing logical, acceptable explanations for the emotions and intentions we perceive in others.

To just know it, is not something the human race as a whole has come to accept yet, so your sensing makes sense for the humans.

Soul Knowing
Unlike the human sensing process, the soul does not need to sense because it is inherently connected to everything and simply “knows.” ‘Knowing’ is a process that humans are still evolving in their ability to fully embrace and trust again. As children, we are closer to this state of soul-knowing but often learn to distrust it because other people make us wrong for trusting it, so we learn to rely on our intellect, emotions, and sometimes our sensing.
Emotions Influence Your Sensing

The purity of what we sense can be influenced by our emotional states.

When you are operating from a place of fear, vulnerability, neediness and a lack of self-worth your sensing can become distorted.

While the information sensed remains pure, how you perceive, interpret, and react to it can be heavily colored by your emotions. This can lead to selective attention, misinterpretations, or biased perceptions, based on your emotional responses.

The Power Of Your Sensing
Your sensing allows you to do what your knowing does. You know what is happening for other people, through the process of picking up the energy, coming off them. Sensing makes knowing a humanly acceptable process because it makes logical sense (and you have to keep the intellect happy) where you can sense how another person is feeling. You can even pick up the physiological sensations of a person’s emotions. You can sense a person’s intentions, for what they do and say. As well as you can pick up on people’s thoughts. You can pick up on their physical state where they may be feeling pain, what the energy of their physical body is like and whether they’re tired. It’s powerful with the information it can provide.
Physiological responses another human self process, and a physical and emotional one. They are how your human body reacts to experiences that are not aligned with your true and soul self, such as a ‘lack of’ energy exchange or emotional non-acceptance, as well as the memories of the impact these experiences have had on you. Common physiological responses include shortness of breath, an increased heart rate, sweating, butterflies in the stomach, palpitations, tingling sensations, and temperature changesPhysiological Reactions. These reactions are not just random; they serve as crucial indicators that something deeper is occurring emotionally, mentally, energetically, and physically. It’s important to give attention to these signals. These physiological responses are closely aligned with your emotions, serving as powerful indicators that there is an underlying aspect of yourself in need of attention and healing. Recognizing and addressing these indicators can lead to significant emotional healing and greater well-being.
Your Purpose And Your Physical Body
Then the most obvious area that differentiates your human self from your soul self, is your physical body.  To travel your human experience it’s contingent upon you having a physical form. The purpose of your human experience is to evolve. This evolution involves unraveling conditioning, healing emotional wounds, and reclaiming the connection to your soul self. For you to fully soul express (be your soul self) in a human body
Care For Your Physical Body

Please take care of your body.

It plays a crucial role in what and how you experience life and is integral to your evolution.

Your physical body acts as a profound messenger, pointing out areas where you can grow, eal, and uncover deeper truths about yourself.

By listening to and working with your body, you facilitate its healing and regeneration.

In return, a well-cared-for body supports and aids you on your journey through the human experience


Your energy is another process of your human self, intertwined with your emotions, physical body, intellectual processing, and sensing abilities.

When you are soul conscious—aligned with your natural and true self—this energy flows smoothly and naturally across all aspects of your human self.

However, due to conditioning and the emotional wounds and deficiencies you encounter, you might learn to block, hold back, give away, or drain your energy.

Your energy is intended solely for you, your human self. The less you try to control or suppress it, the more freely it will flow.


Your knowing is the voice of your soul. It is connected to everything and everyone, and transcends lifetimes. It is connected to all consciousness and only knows truth.

Your true self, your soul self does not require evidence to trust and believe in what it knows.

Trust is not even a concept of your soul self, so doesn’t exist in terms of your knowing.

The Impact Of Your Human Self On Your Knowing

As you become more of your human self rather than your soul self, through the experiences that impacted your belief, trust and acceptance of the true you, you ceased listening to, trusting and acting on your knowing.

You began to rely more on your sensing, which can be distorted by how you interpret the information you sense, your emotions to protect you, which are filled with hurt and pain and your intellect to justify what you sensed and find evidence of what you felt.

As you grow your awareness and ability to recognize the messages from all the processes of your human self, as you become friends with them, get to know them, grow your acceptance and love of them, the more you will be able to work with them and they with you.  You will feel, hear and see the messages each area sends you. Whether it is to unravel thoughts, beliefs, emotional reactions or the conditioning you have in how you express yourself verbally and physically. The more you will be able to heal mental anguish, and emotions, change the process of how you manage your sensory process, heal your physical body, your energy and your physiological responses. And with this – the more you will connect to and strengthen the connection with your soul self, and all the beautiful aspects of who you truly are.


The more you work with all of your human processes, the more you open up the pathway to your soul consciousness. 

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    1. Dear Ilana

      Thankyou for your valuable words and feedback. I love discovering the parts of me that deserve my attention, acceptance, love and healing, and being able to consciously support their expression. It is the greatest gift I can give to me.

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The disruption of this process comes from the other human being experiencing emotions. which your human body senses and connects to their emotion, through feeling physiological reactions in response to the energy you are picking up on. this is unfamiliar to your soul, but your human processes and processing recognize it. These physiological reactions come with human emotions. 

The Processes Unique To Your Human Self

The Processes Unique To Your Human Self

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