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Episode 33: Stop Paying People To Have Coffee With You

I Make a Difference Podcast
I Make a Difference
Episode 33: Stop Paying People To Have Coffee With You

In your friendships, are you the one who keeps them going? Do you initiate the contact, and put in the time and effort?

You may even be like I used to be where you find when you go for coffee, out to lunch or dinner or to do some other activity, that you are the person who pipes up and says “I’ll pay for it”.

If you are why are you the person who generally holds the responsibility, pays and organizes things?

Join me as I explore my process of how having coffee with friends, involved me paying for both mine and theirs. 

Why? Because I didn’t want to owe anyone anything. I didn’t know how to receive and my lack of self-worth and neediness were driving me.


You explore:

  • How what appear to be insignificant and irrelevant occurrences, can be the key to deep-seated patterns of a lack of self-worth
  • The influence of what may feel like unrelated experiences, on how you live your life now
  • How the process of sabotage and rejection deny you of what you truly deserve
  • How ceasing to pay for someone’s coffee was an opportunity for huge growth for me.
I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference in who we are

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