Episode 34: Healing Your Relationship With Your Parents

I Make a Difference
I Make a Difference
Episode 34: Healing Your Relationship With Your Parents

There is profound value in exploring the complex dynamic between you and your parents or parental figures. Whether your upbringing was filled with love and beauty, marked by pain and hurt, or a combination of both, your relationship with your parents holds essential keys to your personal growth and evolution.

While it’s true that you cannot change your parents or their past actions, you have the power to transform how you feel about them and develop your acceptance and openness with them. By exploring the experiences and traits you inherited from them, you gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are.


  • The invaluable gifts that your relationship with your parents’ and parental figures offer you for your personal growth and evolution.
  • The critical role of exploring your relationship with your parents in becoming your true self.
  • The significance of acknowledging and healing both the hurtful aspects and the beautiful qualities within your parents and your interactions.
  • How refraining from exploring and facing the truth of your relationship can create distance, not only between yourself and your parents but also within your own being.
  • The power you possess to create a closer connection with your parents, reflecting a deeper connection with yourself.
I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference to who we are

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