Episode 27: Holiday Time And Emotional Triggers

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Episode 27: Holiday Time And Emotional Triggers

This time of year is powerful on so many levels.

It is a time to celebrate and enjoy family and friends. Yet the coming together of family, having time away from your daily routine where you have space to think and feel, missing people who have been a part of your life, all contribute to you having emotions triggered.

The emotions can end up controlling and dictating what you experience and how you feel and will keep you in patterns of interactions and situations, you have experienced before.

Yet there is something you can do…


  • Grow your awareness of having emotions triggered during the holiday time
  • Understand the impact of how you manage your emotions 
  • Identify the choices you have to influence what you experience during this time
  • Explore an approach to support you to make a difference in how you manage your emotions

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