Episode 24: Over-Responsibility - Do You Take Responsibility For Others?

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Episode 24: Over-Responsibility - Do You Take Responsibility For Others?
  1. Are you over-responsible?
  2. Do you take responsibility for adults and fulfill their responsibilities?
  3. Do you parent adults? Because if you are over-responsible, that is what you are doing.

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you have learned to take responsibility for others. You have been conditioned to carry the weight of others’ responsibilities and to feel responsible for their emotional well-being. And as you learned this, you can unlearn it.

And why would you want to unravel and unlearn this process? 

So that you do not do things at your expense. And so that you are free of worries and concerns that are not yours to worry about. As well as you can grow your ability to support the growth of the people you have been responsible for, to grow their ability to take responsibility for themselves. And you liberate yourself of burdens that are not yours to carry.


You will:

  • Explore what over-responsibility is
  • Identify how you became conditioned to be over-responsible
  • Come to know the ways you can be over-responsible
  • Understand the impacts of over-responsibility on yourself and those you take responsibility for
  • Explore tips for identifying your responsibilities, so that you only fulfill those

BONUS – download your free copy of the ‘Over-Responsibility Checklist’ and explore what and who you are responsible for and the opportunities you have to unburden yourself

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