Episode 21: I Am Visibly Invisible

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Episode 21: I Am Visibly Invisible

You would possibly believe that given I am an expressive and outspoken individual who has a very strong energy that this would mean I was visibly visible (in keeping with the title of this episode). However, you would be wrong. Or at least that is what I believe and more to the point experience.

I am, in my world – what I call “visibly invisible”.  You know that I am there, but I am invisible to the other person in terms of them potentially connecting to me, seeing and hearing me. Rather they connect more to what is being shared with them.

There are a few individuals though that are very special to me, that have wanted to see and hear me. And to them I am visible. As you will be to the people in your life that are like them.

And even if you are not expressive like me, rather someone who is reflective, you too may experience being visibly invisible.

There are a number of reasons why you (if this is a process you go through) and I experience this.

Some of those reasons are because of our own doing. And some because of where the other person or people are at.

Yet it is an opportunity for your growth and development. For you to be visible to yourself and others.


You will explore:

  • What being invisible is about
  • The different areas for you to work with and grow your ability to be visible, in
  • Some of the reasons why you (if you experience invisibility) and I are not seen, heard, and sensed
  • Steps you can take so that you are visible
  • That you and I deserve to be visible 
I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference to who we are

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