Episode 20: Emergent Processing - Family Soul Agreements

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Episode 20: Emergent Processing - Family Soul Agreements

Family soul agreements have an almost mystical element to how they are so interwoven. Exploring whose agreement with whom contributes to and influences the soul agreements you have directly with members of your family, is fascinating in the commitments that we all make to each other.

There are so many layers of purpose and meaning to your soul agreements. They contribute to your growth and evolvement, giving you the opportunity to understand the experiences and journeys you have been on as your human self.

They are a never-ending source of wonder, exploration, discovery, and realization. 

The more conscious you are of them, the more conscious you become of your human experience and all the components that contribute to your evolvement. And the more you appreciate and value the souls that joined you on this journey to have the experiences you have had with them.


You will:

  • Explore how family soul agreements, have an interconnected purpose to them, that is magical
  • Understand how soul agreements can take years even decades after a person has passed for their unfolding and completion
  • Discover that there are different viewpoints from which to identify, explore and find meaning in your soul agreements
  • Explore how soul agreements give you the opportunity to see the family through not just your human eyes, but your soul self eyes and the truth
I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference to who we are.

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