Episode 14: The Magic In The Process Of Grief And Loss

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Episode 14: There Is Magic In The Process Of Grief And Loss

You can fear grief, you can be overwhelmed by grief. As grief is the most powerful emotion that you can experience as a human being. But this is one of the many reasons why there is magic to the process of grief and loss. 

When you feel grief, you go to depths within you, you generally do not go to. You feel not just the emotion of grief, but many different emotions. This is why it is the greatest opportunity for healing. But it is understanding and recognizing the focus of your grief and what you are grieving for, that enables you to embrace your grief process. This is so that you not only mourn the loss of someone you felt deeply for and loved. It is also an opportunity for you to appreciate, value, and reclaim the beautiful, joyful, and magical aspects and elements of your connection to those that you grieve for. Being conscious of what you learned from your relationship, what you received and treasured, supports you to embrace and create more joy in your life.

This episode is dedicated to my dad who died a year ago on the 10th of October. And to all the people that have lost their dads (and other family members). No matter whether they were part of your life for a moment or long term. And no matter what the nature of the relationship was. My journey with my dad gifted me multiple layers of grief to process and experience and it was a journey from love to hurt and pain to acceptance, to upon his passing, love again.

Come journey with me through the grief process.


You will:

  • Reflect and feel and see what unfolds
I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference to who we are

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