Your True Self

The truth is there is a beautiful, unique, powerful, accepting, loving, free and powerful shining light and being within you that is you, the true you.

To truly reconnect and be your true self is not a journey that requires an overnight bag with a change of clothes. It is an adventure that requires your willingness, resilience, commitment, and action as you explore all the depths, breadths, crevices, and parts of you where you have hidden from the light and where there is sunshine.

You have emotions that require healing, truth you need to face within you, behaviors and thoughts you need to unravel, and faith and trust in yourself that you need to reclaim so that you can get to know, respect, accept, value, and be who you truly are.

In doing so you will feel things that are uncomfortable, face truths that you do not want to admit, experience vulnerability that feels like you are in quicksand and you may even want to throw in the towel and run away. At the same time, you will uncover beautiful parts of you, you have not been owning or that you forgot about. You will grow your belief and trust of you, you will identify and listen to your knowing (the voice of your soul) with greater clarity. You will be more accepting of yourself, others, and life, and discover that life is a process that you cannot control and you won’t want to, because you trust how it unfolds and know that there is a beautiful unfolding to it. And you will do right by yourself and the right thing from a place of clarity, strength, love, and care.

What does it require from you to be your true self?

Not just read a book about how to become your true self, or attend a course and say you know it and just pay lip service to your process. It requires you to get really real with yourself, face, and admit what is really going on inside of you. For you to feel the emotions you experience and be in them and for you to put the tools and processes you know will help you, into action and live them.

You need to heal, unravel that which is not you, relearn about what is you, remember the natural you, reconnect to, discover, and uncover you – the true you.

The I Make a Difference adventure provides the complete process for how you got to where you are and the pathway home to your true self.