Melinda and IMAD

Melinda Cates

When I designed the I Make a Difference process, my own journey and experiences were the inspiration driving my passion to resource people to be self-reliant in their ability to change how they felt, what they thought, how they behaved, their interactions in their relationships and their life.

My commitment was to provide a picture of the complete process of how we disconnect from our true self and become the complex conditioned and hurt people we are. What the key behaviors, emotions and underlying influencers are that prevent and limit us from being who we truly are, and what is required of us, for us to journey back to what is natural and true to us.

I want people to connect to and feel the beauty, magic, peace, quiet and light within themselves. To have the pathway and tools to dilute the impacts of all the crappy things that had gone on in their life. So that no matter what people said or did to them, where previously they would have felt hurt, felt they were at fault, that they were bad and that they were unworthy or even unlovable, they are able to understand why the person is doing what they are doing, what is truly about and not be emotionally or mentally effected. Their trust and belief in themselves is rock solid, unwavering and strong. I want people to see and experience what I know is at the core of who they are.

I want people to be able to do for themselves, through their unique process, what I found in myself – me, the real and true me.

I want people to feel and be free to be who they truly are. To accept, love and embrace the goodness and beauty of themselves, because they had the tools, took the steps, did the work and  made it safe and right for themselves discover this within them.

That is what I want you to experience from I Make a Difference. And I am here to walk beside you.  

Melinda Cates