Remove the Masks of your Doing Identities to... 

uncover the power Of Simply Being YOU

Your True Value
Are you tired of feeling like your value is based on what you do rather than who you are?

You want to be recognized and appreciated for simply being YOU—and to finally know the true value of you.

Your Jewel

When you DARE TO let go of the identities that define you and look below the surface— this is where you will discover the value of you - the radiant essence of who you truly are

what if you could...


 🩶 Travel the journey of unmasking back to your true value?

Self inspired

 🩶 Be empowered and inspired by yourself to express more of your potential?

Others see you

 🩶 Open the doorway for others to see the REAL you?

◾️ the courage to admit who you are not to discover who you are
◾️ a willingness to let go of the need to find your value outside of yourself
◾️ the commitment to yourself to embrace and own the true value within you

Dive In And… 


powerful workbooks and videos of awakening to yourself, that will guide you inward back home to the value of you.

Your Journey Inwards

Value Identities

Step 1 - Unmasking Your Value Identities

● Identify the 'Value Identities' you've adopted to feel valued, which perpetuate your pattern of dependency on validation.

Cost of value identities

Step 2 - The Cost Of Your Value Identities

● Discover the cost to you of living out of alignment of your true value.

Unfulfilled Promises Of Your Value Identities

Step 3 - The Unfulfilled Promises Of Your Value Identities

● Explore how your value identities had expectations and promises that left you feeling your value was never enough.

Unmasking the value of you

Step 4 - Unmasking Your True Value

● Unmask your uniqueness and value by recognizing that your true value comes from within, from what is naturally you.

You want to be unshakable being you.

Hi there!

It’s awesome to connect with you, while navigating this human experience

I’m Melinda Cates, and I’ve spent decades helping people rediscover their true value and unlock their limitless potential. The ‘Unmasking Your True Value’ workbook is my gift to you – a powerful step on that journey

Your value is a key component of your self-worth, which is why I am passionate about helping you discover more of the value within you, so you strengthen your connection to your limitless self-worth that is natural to you.

Melinda Cates

When you unmask the identities that are not natural but are familar and comfortable to you…

You reveal the true value of you
Your beauty and uniqueness that is intrinsic to you

You are empowered and inspired by the true you and the value of you and that is when you experience the limitless potential of YOU.


“Unmask The True Value Of You” is a transformative journey designed to help you uncover your intrinsic value, independent of external achievements or validations. It provides you with the guidance to identify who you have been to feel of value, to journey inwards to discover the value of who you are.

This journey is for anyone looking to understand their true value and self-worth. Whether you’re going through a life transition, questioning your value, or simply yearning for a deeper self-understanding, this journey is for you.

You’ll explore video content and interactive workbooks that guide you through identifying and exploring your value identities. These resources help you appreciate who you have been, and who you truly are. They guide you to reconnect with your intrinsic value, free from societal or external conditioning.

Self-discovery can be uncomfortable, but the journey gently guides you through a powerful process in manageable steps. If anything you will find yourself being curious and fascinated with what you discover about yourself.

Absolutely. By helping you unmask and understand the true value of you, this journey addresses some root causes of low self-esteem and self-worth, empowering you to see and own who you truly are.

If other self-help approaches have left you feeling unfulfilled, this journey offers a different perspective by focusing on intrinsic value rather than external validation. It encourages you to appreciate and value your journey to this point, guiding you to discover yourself and the true value of you.

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