I Make a Difference Personal Exploration Programme

This process of the I Make a Difference adventure is a face to face facilitated internal experiential process that is personal and private, while exploration happens within a group environment.

The Personal Exploration Programme is how the I Make a Difference process was originally expressed and subsequently developed. The Process and Programme were designed in 2000 and first delivered in 2001.

It was originally called the I Make a Difference Personal Leadership and Development Programme. And even though these elements are still relevant and a key part of the process, the processing a participant experiences is broader in its dimensions, thus the use of the term of ‘Exploration’ as it supports the process to be limitless.

A beautiful, gentle, raw, self-confronting, transparent and truthful process of awareness, healing, discovery, truth and reclaiming of your personal power.

An Adventure From Your Conditioned Self to Your True Self

The I Make a Difference Personal Exploration Programme has the I Make a Difference Onion Model process as the basis of the structure of the programme.

You journey back over your life to explore the situations that have conditioned and impacted you emotionally, mentally, physically, energy-wise, physiologically and spiritually.

The Differences With the Programme to the Personal Processing One on Ones and the Books

  • You share the experience with up to fourteen and a minimum of ten people
  • The environment created supports your processing
  • Melinda facilitates the programme process face to face
  • There is the opportunity to ask questions and explore differences in processing, more indepth information and examples specific to you
  • Co-facilitators support you with your processing during the programme, one on one
  • You dedicate a period of time to totally focus on, explore and value yourself
  • There are facilitated processes and self facilitation activities that are unique to the programme
  • You choose whether you share or not. You choose how far you go with your processing and what areas of your life you want to cover.

The depth and breadth you choose to go to in your processing is reflected in your willingness to explore you, surrender to yourself, be truthful with yourself, face yourself and connect to the true you.

The process is powerful, personal and your opportunity to make a difference to you and to connect to the jewel within you.

I Make a Difference Welcomes:

  • Any individual that is committed to make a difference to themselves, discover answers for themselves and work towards uncovering and being their true self.
  • Individuals from different cultural or religious backgrounds, as there are beliefs shared, however the process is about you gaining clarity and reinforcing what you believe and is true for you.
  • Anyone over the age of 15 years and above – the eldest participant to date, was 73 years old.

Organizing an I Make a Difference Personal Exploration Programme

Key elements of the programme:

  • The programme can be tailored within reason and viability.
  • The programme is generally run as a five-day programme from 8 am to potentially 7 pm the first four days and possibly till 9 pm on the last day.
  • The programme can also be run as a seven day programme, with adjusted time frames.
  • The length of the days is contingent on the group’s process and their processing.
  • The environment is relaxed and informal i.e. the use of couches and plenty of breaks, while still being professional and covering the content of the programme.

 Contact Melinda and explore organising a programme.