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Go From Emotionally Reacting To Consciously Responding…

Approaches you need to neutralize triggers and manage emotions so you release the hold they have had over you

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Navigating and dealing with emotions that are triggered,  can be overwhelming, energy-draining, painful, and even scary, because of the high possibility that you will react.

Certain times of the year, ANNIVERSARY TIMES, and certain people you are around can result in emotions easily surfacing, due to you being more sensitive to certain triggers.


You could gain insight into the process you experience when triggers activate your emotions, and you react, and how the behavior you then express dilutes your ability to influence the outcome you experience?

You could grow your ability to respond and make choices to manage your emotions and do things differently, and change the pattern of emotional expression?

You could be proactive in working with your emotions?

Triggers that occur in family interactions.

Situations that prompt you to miss and grieve for the people you used to spend time with, that are no longer in your life.

Patterns of behaviors that are unresolved and unhealed are expressed in relationship dynamics.

What if NEUTRALIZING EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS was an opportunity for you to do something different, where you have new experiences, you manage your emotions and you dilute the power the triggers have over you?

The NEUTRALIZING EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS video series, is the answer to these ‘what-if’s’

What is included? You ask….


◼️ Five Videos And Workbooks

◼️ A Bonus Video

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◼️Access For The Life Time Of The Video Series

In this video you are introduced to the process of and how a trigger interacts with your emotions. Examples are explored to raise your awareness of what you experience. You explore how triggers can be neutralized and you are provided with an overview of the journey of the video series.

You get to journey with me through the process of how you came to have emotions that can be triggered so that you understand the origins and the process behind what and why triggers activate emotions.

When emotions are triggered, you experience a reaction, and you act on the reaction. These actions you take (reactions) continue patterns and cycles of situations that trigger emotions.

In this video you will understand the step by step process of reacting, so you can consciously identify it more easily when you experience it.

You can neutralize the trigger, where it no longer affects you. In this video, you will explore the step-by-step process of responding, which is the way you can unravel your reactions, heal your emotions and change the cycle of reactionary emotional situations you experience. You get to take your personal power back to influence different outcomes for yourself.

Responding is the process to work with when you have emotions triggered. Yet you can be proactive in working with your emotions, before they potentially are triggered. Where you process them out before they have a chance to be triggered.

In this video we explore the different approaches you can take to proactively work with your emotions.

Grief is a powerful emotion that can be triggered, whether it is during holiday time, anniversary time and by many other factors. I wanted to provide some approaches to support you to process your grief, so that is the reason for the bonus video.

transition from ◦ reacting to ◦ responding


Susie Farrugia


I loved this series and highly recommend that others take it up as it is a very useful tool for emotional triggering and how to process it . Let’s face it…whoever says they are never triggered is lying !!!!! I love Melinda’s emotional literacy and ability to communicate about emotions and processing in a clear, honest and insightful way engaging mind, heart, and soul. Couldn’t have come at a better time both for me and what the world needs right now! Thanks Melinda xx

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