If you FEEL AT THE MERCY OF EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS and SITUATIONS THAT PUSH YOUR BUTTONS, this might be exactly what you’re looking for




Emotional Triggers

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of your emotional triggers and longing for effective strategies to replace them with healthier responses…

This video series provides a powerful opportunity for self-reflection, guiding you to recognize triggers and instigate sustainable changes in your life


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You Just Want To Break Free From The Emotional Cycle, And Feel Confident, Grounded and Resilient ...

Overwhelm, emotional turmoil, guilt and fear prevent you from moving forward

Neutralizing Emotional Triggers

You Feel Like You're On An Emotional Roller Coaster

Never knowing when your emotions will be triggered and overwhelm you. It's like being at the mercy of your feelings, swinging from highs to lows and leaving you exhausted. You long to take control of the wheel, to be the one guiding your emotions rather than being controlled by them.

Emotional Triggers

The Smallest Things Can Set You Off

It's as if a single look, tone, or word can tip the scales. Despite their smallness and seemingly insignificance, these triggers feel monumental, and the resulting reactions can leave you feeling ashamed, especially when they affect the people closest to you. You push the people you care about away.

You Fear Repeating The Same Reactionary Patterns

You find yourself trapped in a cycle of emotional reactivity, repeating the same patterns with a sense of resignation and doubt about your ability to break free. This feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness compounds the struggle, leaving you uncertain about whether change is even possible.

There Are Certain People And Situations You Avoid

The fear of you and others being emotional triggered, leads to your avoidance as a coping mechanism. This fear, rooted in the dread of being overwhelmed and the uncertainty of your reactions, strains relationships, causing misunderstandings and arguments. Ultimately, you seek to avoid both the emotions and the drama.

I SO KNOW what this feels like...

Sadly, my reactions damaged relationships and friendships, leaving a number of people scared of me, compounding the feelings of rejection and GUILT I harbored within myself

It’s Like A Raw Wound From Your Past Keeps Being Scratched Open

It took a lot of mindfulness to break the pattern, but once I discovered the process, I was on my way...

I'm Melinda

Melinda Cates

I was an expert at reacting.  I had a great teacher – my dad. 

People could push my buttons easily. I would read into what they said and did and took it personally. I would then react

It took a crisis and having a breakdown for me to realize that I needed to change how I handled my triggered emotions.

But I don’t want you to reach that breaking point. I want you to stay ahead of the game, to be proactive in growing your ability to identify triggers and effectively process your emotions.

My journey forced me to find a different approach, but with this video series, you have the opportunity to make a choice.

Discovering this process brought me immense relief. It turned my hope into something tangible, something I could actively influence and change.

While I still have moments of reaction, I now approach them consciously. I understand the triggers, their origins, and the impacts of my actions. And most importantly, I know how to heal from them.



What You Get...

This Value Packed Series Includes

◼️ 5 impactful video trainings

◼️ Limited edition workbooks that are downloadable, and editable, filled with actionable approaches and information for you to refer back to

◼️ 10+ Self-exploration activities 

◼️ Bonus video – Overcoming Grief

◼️ Exclusive and lifetime access to all future videos and workbooks 



Emotional Triggers

In the first video of this series...

you'll be introduced to the complex interplay between triggers and emotions. We'll explore real-life examples to illustrate how various situations and experiences can trigger emotional responses. You'll gain valuable insight into the process of neutralizing these triggers and learn what steps are necessary for your personal growth journey ahead.

Emotional Triggers

In the second video of this series...

you'll embark on a personal journey to understand how you came to experience emotions that can be triggered. We'll delve into the origins and processes behind what triggers activate emotions, giving you an understanding of your emotional landscape. This exploration will empower you to navigate your triggers more effectively.

Emotional Triggers

In the third video...

we'll delve into the mechanics of unhealed emotions and their triggers. You'll explore how these triggers activate reactions within you, leading to patterns and cycles of emotionally driven behaviors. By consciously understanding the step-by-step process of reacting, you'll grow your ability to recognize when you're triggered and on the brink of reacting. This heightened awareness will empower you to break free from automatic and unconscious behaviors and choose more intentional and mindful actions in challenging situations.

Emotional triggers

In the fourth video...

you'll discover the keys to unraveling the cycle of your responses (emotions being triggered) - responding. Delve into the step-by-step process of responding, where you unravel your reactions, heal your emotions, and change the cycle of reactionary emotional situations you experience. This will support you to reclaim your personal power and ability to influence different outcomes for yourself.

In the fifth video...

you'll delve into enhancing your ability to proactively manage your emotions as a powerful strategy for preempting potential triggers. You'll learn effective methods for processing emotions before they escalate into triggers, allowing you to maintain greater emotional stability and control. Additionally, you'll explore various approaches to actively engage with and shape your emotional responses, empowering you to navigate challenging situations with resilience and confidence.



you'll delve into the complexities of grief, a profoundly intense emotion that can arise unexpectedly during holidays, anniversaries, and other significant moments. Discover valuable approaches to help you navigate through the pain and confusion of grief, empowering you to move forward and attain the healing and closure you rightfully deserve.

transition from ◦ reacting to ◦ responding


Susie Farrugia


I loved this series and highly recommend that others take it up as it is a very useful tool for emotional triggering and how to process it . 

Let’s face it…whoever says they are never triggered is lying !!!!!

I love Melinda’s emotional literacy and ability to communicate about emotions and processing in a clear, honest and insightful way engaging mind, heart, and soul. 

Couldn’t have come at a better time both for me and what the world needs right now! 

Thanks Melinda xx

Carrie Ingles Groneman


Recently, I had a situation that brought back memories and events that I had blocked out due to hurt and fear. Through using the ‘Processes’ taught in this course, I was able to handle those feelings in an incredibly constructive manner because of the step-by-step methods given through Melinda’s course instructions.

Taking this course has provided me with invaluable tools and skills that have already had a positive impact on my life. For example, I am now aware of the importance of recognizing my emotions and evaluating what I want to achieve in situations. I now realize that I have been taking responsibility for other people’s decisions in order to minimize their hurt – which does not allow them to take ownership of their own choices and actions. Not helpful for them or myself.

In this course, Melinda opened my eyes to the fact that I can let go of any negative emotions associated with a past event and turn them into a positive, growth-oriented experience.

Neutralizing Emotional Triggers is for EVERYONE!

making friends with your emotions strengthens your relationship with yourself


If you experience your emotions being triggered during the course and you experience overwhelm, or require support it is important that you reach out for support.

You can email me to support you and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

If you need some immediate support, I encourage you to seek out your local health professionals to assist you.

One of the things I share in the course is to not act on emotion. If you need help with processing your emotion, in that scenario I encourage you to take the action of contacting support.

Please approach the course in a way that is managable for you, where you take it step by step, at the rate that is right for you.

There are tools in the mini series for you to work with and apply.

Make sure you read the terms of service and the refund policy. This is so you are informed in the decision you make.

The purchase of this course is final and no refunds will be given. Consideration of this is reflected in the price and the quality of the product provided.

If there are any issues with the product, do reach out and I will do what I can to resolve it, because you deserve that.

You have life time access to the Neutralizing Emotional Triggers video series for the life time of the video series.

Your purchase of the course provides you with access to the course online and the workbooks, for the lifetime of the course.

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