May I Take A Moment Of Your Time And Share With You Something That Will FURTHER STENGHTEN YOUR SELF-WORTH…



introducing the…

I DESERVE Mini-Course

Make powerful shifts in YOUR MINDSET and CHOICES, GAIN A FRESH PERSPECTIVE on what you genuinely deserve and open yourself to experiencing more of it…

You Want More Of The AMAZING THINGS THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER, That Others Experience 

But You Struggle Feeling Worthy Or Deserving

And When the amazing things do Come Your Way, Guilt, Over Thinking And Sabotage Stop You 

THE TRUTH:  THERE ARE CHOICES YOU MAKE DAILY THAT REINFORCE YOUR UNWORTHINESS, I Deserve is an opportunity to identify them, so you can make different choices

Do right by you
Neutralizing Emotional Triggers

Do You...

struggle to accept help, gifts, offers, and guidance from others, questioning why they would give them to you, so you find ways to pay them back

find instead of acknowledging your own contribution, you attribute wonderful things that happen to luck, and struggle to believe you deserve them

experience others kindness, caring and thoughtfulness, leaving you feeling surprised and repeatedly saying “thank you“, as it’s hard to believe people genuinely feel that way about you

save your possessions for special occasions that rarely come, preventing you from fully enjoying what you own

search for flaws and unintentionally sabotage experiences, when something wonderful happens

buy and create special things for yourself, then give them away to others whom you believe deserve them more than you do

hesitate to answer out of fear of inconveniencing people, when they ask you what you want. The fear holds you back from voicing your genuine wants and desires


Anything Good That Came Into My Life, I Would Refuse It, Hold On To It Tightly And Suffocate It, Or Choose To Lose It!

Everything Changed When I Recognized The Pattern And Started Making Different Choices

It happened the day a friend did something truly wonderful for me. She stood up for me, a gesture that was rare and stood out in my life. I couldn’t help but express my gratitude and kept thanking her, to which she responded, ‘Minz, no more thank you’s – that’s what friends are for.’

In that moment, I realized how I had been blocking, rejecting, and pushing away what others wanted to share, do, and give to me. I had been denying their expressions of care and love for me.

There was one problem, though. I was skilled at rejecting what I truly deserved, but I had no idea how to receive and accept it.

My friend told me, ‘Minz, all you need to do is say “thank you“.’

I had a pattern of always trying to pay people back for their kindness, gifts, and even their words. I struggled with accepting a one-way exchange.

But I decided to change. I started saying ‘thank you’ each time someone gave to me, even though it felt uncomfortable. I made a conscious effort to resist my self-sabotaging ways.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t just about how others treated me; it was also about how I treated myself. I began prioritizing my needs and wants, digging deep to understand what I truly deserved. I knew that I had the power to make choices that would make it happen.

I'm Melinda

Melinda Cates


All it takes is a change of perspective to do so!

I deserve
I deserve
I deserve

Explore With Me 12 Different Aspects Of Your Deservedness, So You…


Expand your awareness of the choices you make and uncover how they reflect your profound self-value. From what you purchase, receive and accept and how this reflects the strength of your self-worth.


Develop your ability to make choices that come from a place of empowerment and worth. Say “no thank you” to things that don’t resonate with you or hold significance while saying “yes” to what honors and vibes with you.


Shift your perspective to see the abundance and happiness that already exists within your life. Fully engage with and enjoy the present, recognizing the inherent worth and value of everything and everyone in your life.




The 3 Stages Of Your ‘I Deserve’ Adventure…

Awareness and Clarity

Gain clarity about what you truly deserve and recognize your inherent worth. Understand why you may have experienced things that you don't deserve. Grow your awareness of the key components of what you genuinely deserve so you are empowered to take action with confidence and ease, knowing that you are worthy of experiencing, enjoying, and valuing what you deserve. You may even find yourself thinking "I've got this"

Taking Action

If you want to create change in your life. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. You have twelve days of intentional action ahead of you. Each day, you will focus on a specific aspect of deservedness, allowing you to consciously and intentionally experience what you truly deserve in a way that values and honors you. As you embark on this journey, you may find yourself thinking, "OMG, why did I not see and do this before?"

Knowing You Are Worthy And Deserving

After taking action and affirming "I deserve these wonderful things," if you still struggle with feelings of unworthiness, there is a way to change that. By growing your awareness and appreciation of the people who are in your life and the experiences that are important to you, you can begin to value yourself more fully.Through this exploration, you will discover the beauty and worth that resides within you, allowing you to embrace your own deservingness.


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“You are able to relate with individuals straight away as you have relatable memories and life experiences that most mentors don’t have. You were able to break down all of my walls and barriers within minutes.  I was comfortable telling you all of my deep feelings without judgment knowing that you really cared.”

“Honestly, it felt like I was talking to another part of my soul when we had conversations like I had known you from another life.”


You Have Questions...

In each module, we delve into 12 distinct aspects of deservedness.

Activities for each aspect require a minimum of 24 hours of focused attention.

You’re welcome, and encouraged, to take more time if needed.

While extending beyond the 12-day timeframe is absolutely possible, as the more focus you give each aspect the more you strengthen your deservedness. 

I do strongly recommend completing the intentionally designed course in the order I have created it.

Its structure allows for a gradual building on, of each part, enhancing the exploration of each aspect of deservedness.

The most powerful way to answer this question is to say – “come and experience the I Deserve adventure with me.”

If you are familiar with me, you know I love processes and processing.

I take a process and see the steps that influence it. Steps you can apply in your daily life, like I have. 

What I share gives you the ability to influence more of yourself and your life where you make more informed decisions.

Informed because you know the steps of the process.

You may be familiar with some content, but you will explore it in a different way. 

And you may not be familiar with it – so it will be different.

I Deserve focuses on one key component of your self-worth – deservedness.

It is not a general self-worth course.

You will focus on three key areas of your deservedness so you grow your ability to consciously and intentionally work with these. 

You get to take action, actually implement and do things. You may even change some behaviors.

What makes this self-worth course different, is your openness and willingness to do something different.

  • For you to invest in yourself, your self-worth and deservedness,  because you deserve to.
  • Be open to exploring what you do not deserve and what you do deserve. 
  • Take steps to do things differently and be gentle with yourself, not beat yourself up.
  • On a practical level, I Deserve is twelve days and approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes of videos.
  • It is really important to take one day at a time, and to implement the activities for that day. To ensure you are not overwhelmed and so you experience change and shifts.
  • You can stretch the course out over a longer period of time but be mindful of finishing it.
  • Finishing the course is a reflection of your commitment to yourself, your investment and what you deserve – so it is up to you.

Your purchase of the course provides you with access to the course online and the workbooks, for the lifetime of the course.

Whilst the course is still available online, you will receive access to it. You have access to any updates to the course. And if circumstances change that impact the lifetime of the course you will be provided with notice of the changes.

Yes. You can start and finish it when you like.

Be mindful though, to gain the maximum benefits and what you deserve from the course, it is important that you finish it and implement the activities for each day of the course.

Make sure you read the terms of service and the refund policy. This is so you are informed in the decision you make.

The purchase of this course is final and no refunds will be given. Consideration of this is reflected in the price and the quality of the product provided.

If there are any issues with the product, do reach out and I will do what I can to resolve it, because you deserve that.

If you have questions that relate to the content of  ‘I Deserve’ or they relate to I Make a Difference services, products and offers, or questions about me, please feel free to email me on me*****@im******************.com

More of what YOU DESERVE is waiting for you


The information contained in the I Make a Difference – I Deserve mini-course, is not intended as medical advice or treatment. It is important you consult your doctor or healthcare provider for medical advice and treatment. It is intended as informational and educational.


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