For Individuals Who Want To Become Energetically Empowered!

Feeling DRAINED AND OVERWHELMED by the ENERGY and EMOTIONS of OTHERS’, yet you value your ability to EMPATHIZE AND CARE?


Cleanse, Protect And Revitalize Your Energy

dive into…


imagine How it would it feel TO …

deeply understand yourself energetically, where you have simple strategies that protect you from the effects of others’ energy, and you live a life where your energy is truly your own

Managing your energy isn't easy when you find yourself...

◼️ GIVING to others, only to have YOUR WELL OF ENERGY RUN DRY. You also battle yourself knowing you don’t like feeling this way but you don’t want to squash your caring and generous nature

◼️ AVOIDING certain people because of the HEAVINESS AND NEGATIVITY that you feel from them. But you know you can only avoid them for so long because they’re family and friends.

◼️ Feeling OVERWHELMED BY THE ENERGY AND EMOTIONS of others. You have strategies you use to protect yourself, but you find that others’ energy still creeps through.

◼️ SHUTTING DOWN your ABILITY TO SENSE, because you don’t like the feel of what you’re picking up. Yet you know what you’re doing is shutting down on yourself.


Not only do our past experiences impact us emotionally and mentally, but they also impact us energetically. 

What if you could interpret what happens with your energy as messages guiding the steps you need to take for your growth, while also providing insights into what is happening for others?

Melinda Cates

Hi I’m Melinda


For well over a decade I facilitated face to face personal growth programmes to a vast array of people from different backgrounds, cultures, ages and personal situations. 

The two things the people had in common was that they were human, and on a journey of healing and reconnection to their true self. This is why the programs were filled with emotional processing.

Initially I was like a sponge. Being very empathetic and open to others, I found I absorbed peoples emotions and energy. This left me drained, exhausted and often in tears. I knew this would physically destroy me if I didn’t understand why this was happening, and how I could change it. 

The eye opener, was discovering I was contributing to my own energy drain. That I was being impacted by others because of processing I was unaware of. This boosted my confidence in my ability to change this and I did. I discovered tools I could use to provide additional support whilst I developed my ability to naturally have my energy work for me. 

These experiences and insights, is what helped me get to where I am now. Energetically free from being impacted by others.

So, I created ‘Cleanse, Protect, and Revitalize Your Energy’ a course designed for EMPATHS, INDIVIDUALS who have SHUT DOWN THEIR ABILITY TO SENSE ENERGY, and anyone LOOKING TO HAVE GREATER INFLUENCE OVER THEIR ENERGETIC WELL-BEING.

What You Get To Explore…


What Energy Is And The Different Types Of Energy

Energy is magical, powerful, and transformational. In this course, you'll gain a deeper appreciation of what energy truly is, explore the different types of energy generated by your own and others' human processes, and discover how your true self, your soul energy, is the life force driving you. When you are able to identify the energy you are experiencing, you then are empowered to know what steps to take to work with it, whether it requires healing, and unraveling or expansion of its flow.


How You Pick Up On And Sense Energy

Understanding the processes you undergo to pick up on others' energy, thoughts, and emotions opens up a whole new world of self-understanding and insight into others. You’ll also learn to distinguish between sensing naturally and in conditioned ways that can energetically impact you. This profound awareness and insight will give you the confidence and ability to access more of your potential in sensing what is happening for other people, and manage any impacts you might experience as a result of what your sensing.


How YOU Impact Your Energy

When you find yourself affected by others' energy and emotions—feeling drained, overwhelmed, or bombarded—it's often a reflection of how you’re managing your own energy. You play a role in allowing others to impact you energetically. By exploring your actions and motivations, you open the door to healing and to more effectively managing your own energy. You influence rather than impact your energy, and in doing so, you eliminate the potential of being affected by others.


How Other People Impact Your Energy

There's a variety of ways and reasons why people might impact your energy. By identifying what someone is doing and understanding their reasons, you can respond with empathy and not take their actions personally, both emotionally and energetically. You're able to remain open, and receptive to the person, because of your insight and understanding.


How You Interpret The Energy You Sense

Your sensory process is powerful, in picking up subtle cues and changes in others. However, your interpretations can sometimes become distorted if internal biases or emotional reactions interfere. Learning to interpret these senses naturally can help you grasp the true essence of the information you are sensing. By doing so, you’ll capture the purity of the insights gained from what you are sensing, enabling you to make more informed and effective choices in how you engage with others.


The Timing Of And Intention For Cleansing, Protecting And Revitalizing Your Energy

The tools shared in this course are designed as valuable resources for a specific phase of your personal growth, and for a particular intention. They are not intended for long-term use but to support you during a crucial period of development and exploration. Working with these tools ensures that you are equipped with the right resources at the right time, supports you to confidently journey through an important phase of your growth.


The Six Phases Of Managing Your Energy

Managing your energy follows a structured process. Discover the six key phases designed to guide you in effectively working with your energy, so that you easily and confidently process and shift what you're experiencing energetically.


Tools For Cleansing, Protecting And Revitalizing Your Energy

A variety of simple, powerful and proven tools and strategies designed to help you release energy from others, protect your own energy, and ensure the realignment and free flow of your life force energy. You will gain energetic empowerment through having an array of approaches that you can proactively employ and apply in real-time situations. This empowerment equips you to manage and optimize your energy whenever you need, providing you with continuous support and guardianship over your energetic state.`

Is This For You?

CPR Your Energy Is For You If You’re…

◾️ Committed to your personal growth and doing what it takes to become your true self AND want to…

◾️ Embrace your guardianship over your energy by taking greater levels of responsibility energetically and working with the processes to continue your growth.

CPR Your Energy Is NOT For You If You’re…

◾️ Looking for a quick fix and a band-aid for what you experience energetically

◾️ Signing up for courses and not accessing them or not completing them

◾️ Not prepared to dive in and do the work to support your healing, growth and freeing of your life force energy

What Happens Next?

You receive Instant access to the course online, via email, then download the Heartbeat Chat App to dive into your energy process with me.

Journey with me through the 11 transformative videos, that will leave you with a profound insight into your and others’ energy. Work through the 11 powerful workbooks filled with processing prompts and activities, designed to take your awareness to another level.

Explore and implement the many tools and approaches to assist you to cleanse, protect and revitalize your energy.

And you can message me with your questions.

Commit to working with your energy ongoing, so that you step further of your true self, and your natural energetic power and flow.

Cleanse, Protect And Revitalize Your Energy

If you've got questions and processing you want help with...

CPR Your Energy explores your life force energy, which is the energy of your true self and soul, as well as emotional, physiological, and mental processing and the energy intertwined with them.

You will explore the impacts on the physical body as a result of the other energies.

The course does not cover nutrition, sleep and exercise, as these areas may involve medical conditions, I recommend that you consult the appropriate medical adviser or health professional about these areas.

Every human being has the ability to sense and pick up on others’ energy and emotions like an empath does. 

What you’ve learned is to either shut down your sensing ability, stop trusting it, or apply it incorrectly.

CPR Your Energy will guide you to unlearn and unravel these limiting ways, opening you up to the incredible world of being more in tune with where other people are at. It will also enhance your ability to work with your energy in a powerful way.

All you require is the willingness to invest your time and energy in journeying through the course and applying what you learn and discover.

Everyone is spiritual, as everyone has a soul.

This course isn’t just about how to cleanse, protect and revitalize your energy, it explores the fundamentals of the different types of energy you experience because you’re a human being.

It dives into how you impact your energy, and what you do to contribute to your energy being impacted by others.

These processes that are explored, are natural human processes.

The tools are also practical processes for you to work with.

Then this course is ideal, because you will develop a profound understanding of your true self energy and the different human energies.

You will gain insights into the various aspects of sensing, and interpreting what we sense, how our energy is impacted, and the steps you can take to harness your energy for your own benefit.

You could not ask for a more powerful and in-depth course for you to explore your energy.

Your purchase of the course provides you with access to the course online and the workbooks, for the lifetime of the course.

Whilst the course is still available online, you will receive access to it. You have access to any updates to the course. And if circumstances change that impact the lifetime of the course you will be provided with notice of the changes

Make sure you read the terms of service and the refund policy. This is so you are informed in the decision you make.

The purchase of this course is final and no refunds will be given. Consideration of this is reflected in the price and the quality of the product provided.

If there are any issues with the product, do reach out and I will do what I can to resolve it because you deserve that.

If you have questions that relate to the content of  ‘I Deserve’ or they relate to I Make a Difference services, products and offers, or questions about me, please feel free to email me on

THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU to gain a deeper and more powerful understanding of yourself, your ability to empathize will enhance significantly and you will develop a unique insight into other people, their processing and what happens for them energetically.


The information contained in the I Make a Difference – Cleanse, Protect And Revitalize Your Energy mini-course, is not intended as medical advice or treatment. It is important you consult your doctor or healthcare provider for medical advice and treatment. It is intended as informational and educational.

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